Why Are You In Business?

by Brad S.

I have been reading Simon Sinek’s Start with Why the past week or so and I think it is a book that many of us who have our own businesses or private practices should read.  The reason for this is that it asks each of us to think about not what we do, which, in my case, is helping small businesses grow their revenue, and how we do it, which, in my case is through marketing and public relations.

Instead it asks us the question, why do we do it?  And by that, why are you doing the business you are doing? Why did you decide to get involved in this particular business or decide to do it on your own and not work for someone else?  These are not easy types of questions to answer if you really think about it.  But think about it you must, or else you may have a hard time making your business grow and prosper to the level that you want it to reach.  Why is that? Because you won’t always attract the type of clients and customers that you really enjoy and like.  Instead, you may end up playing the game of chasing one-hit customers, those who respond to a discount offer but won’t become long-term clients of yours.  Or even worse, you may end up having to take customers or clients that you really just don’t like.  And that doesn’t make for a fun business life, right?

Well, as I mentioned, I spent some time thinking about why am I in the business that I am:

To use the talents that I have to help nice people who have the guts and determination to have their own businesses get the right amount of revenue that makes them happy and not stressed.

I can explain this a little further.  First, I have talents that have been developed over the years.  They center around the enjoyment I get connecting people who would benefit from one another’s company.  It doesn’t matter if it is a friend of mine who shares an interest with another person I know or with me connecting a professional with someone who needs a service.  As long as I am doing that, I feel good about myself because I am doing something positive for my community.

Second, the people I help have to be nice people.  In the corporate or governmental world, sometimes you are forced to work with people who you just don’t like because they are mean to others or just don’t pull their own weight.  Well, since I run my own business, I don’t want to work with those types of people.  And I don’t care if it means turning down money, because a rotten apple just makes your life miserable and can affect your outlook on life.  So, if you are not a nice person, then you aren’t a right fit for me.

Third, I admire the individual who decides that he or she is going to strike out on his or her own to do something.   As a small business owner myself, I know all the sacrifices that you make to make your dream a success. (Heck, I am writing this blog entry on a Saturday morning instead of being on the beach enjoying the sun!)  I want to do all that I can to support people who believe like I do.

Fourth, I want to help my individual clients reach the level  of success that makes them happy and not stressed.  For some, happiness is working three days a week and if they have to work four, even if it means they are making more money, they are unhappy.  For others, stress happens when they aren’t bringing in $100,000 in revenue every six months.  Regardless of what their goal is, I want to help them to reach their goals.

And I do that with the marketing and public relations tools that work most effectively for small businesses who don’t have a lot of money to waste on throwing marketing money at a wall and hope something sticks.  You might say I get obsessed with helping my clients succeed because I do.

If you like why I do what I do and what to learn more about what I can do and how I can do it, please send me an e-mail to brad@justsmallbiz.com