When is the last time you updated your website?

by Brad S

I know you are busy with your small business.  You know you are busy with your small business.  Maybe that’s the reason why many of you don’t take the time to update your website with relevant and fresh material.

And while that is a good thing that you are busy, it is also a bad thing because new clients go to your site and see one that doesn’t look like it is up-to-date with new content.  People, especially now, want to see some short articles and such that they can use to educate themselves while they go through the therapy process or look to start it.

How important is it?  Well, we have heard from clients, as late as last week, that one of their new clients had pulled out an article that was recently posted on her site and used it to drive home a point.

The interesting aspect of this, though, is that the mental health professional hasn’t posted an article or updated her website in more than a year.  You know who has, though? Our company! Yes, that’s right, we post content on her website that also gets posted on her social media sites so her content is fresh and search engines see a dynamic site.

We can do the same for you so  you can focus more on taking care of clients and either choosing to have a stale website or spend precious time trying to make yours current.

Let’s say you decide to find content and update your site.  It will probably take you an hour a day.  So, assuming you bill at $75 an hour, that’s $525 a week.  Why is it based on 7 hrs a week? Because the web is dynamic and needs to be fed.  So, that’s about $2,000 a month in revenue you could lose.

Even if you think these projections are too high, cut it down to 4 hrs a month and you still lose $300 a month.

Well, we don’t charge $300 a month to do it.

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