What’s Your Story?

Corporate-Logo“We can discover the Story.  Maybe not with perfect clarity, maybe not in the detail that you would like, but in greater clarity than most of us now have, and that would be the price of admission.  I mean, to have some clarity would be gold right now. Wouldn’t it?” – John Eldredge, Epic

I came across this story while doing my morning, “Sharpening the Saw” activities before I start the day.  While I didn’t read the book with the purpose of improving my business, I thought it does describe what I often help businesses do: better understand what they have to offer and who they should offer it to for the mutual benefit of both.

Most of us start a business with an idea and, let’s face it entrepreneurs, we don’t necessarily think too deeply about the idea because we are people of action.  We to get things done!  (See, I was so focused on getting the words out that I left out the word “want” in the last sentence!)

So, we take our idea to the marketplace and start to get feedback from people and businesses on how good our idea is.  Sometimes it is the only time the people will listen to our “pitch” so if we are not clear as to what we are offering, why we are offering it, and to whom we are offering it, we are wasting precious energy and time.

So, spend some time and energy clarifying what you are offering and why your offering suits the needs of your potential client better than any other alternative, including doing nothing!

It won’t always be easy to do.  And you may just find that you need to retool some of your products or services to meet the needs of the marketplace better.  One way to help you do this is to ask yourself this question:

“If I wasn’t already offering this product or service, would I go through the hassle of starting to offer it today?”

If the answer to that question is no, then why are you still doing it?

by Brad A. Swezey