What Makes Your Business Special in Three Words?

Don’t you like bumper stickers?  In several words, they need to convey an idea.  They do not have any space to waste.  They have to get rid of the junk and focus on the key words.

When I am looking at a business, I like to think in terms of bumper stickers when I am trying to help it stand out from the competition.  If a business cannot find a way to do this, then, especially if it is a new entrant into the market, it will have a hard time overcoming the “me too” factor.

What do I mean by “me too.”  Well, it means that a consumer would be hard-pressed to tell how you are different than a competitor of yours.

For example, I just went to a real estate agent website where I live in Cocoa Beach.  I put my zip code in and have 473 agents from which to choose.  I chose someone near the beginning and someone from the last.  Here’s what they had for their “specializations:”

  • Specializations: Waterfront and beachside, Investment properties, Residential resales and new construction
  • Specializations: Buyers, Buying, Investors, Listing, Sellers, Selling

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to buy or sell a house.  Do any of these specializations move you?  Do you get the feeling that are specializing in anything?  Would you use any of these two to list your property or buy a house?

I suspect that unless it is a relative of yours, you might want to find another real estate agent, especially if you are listing your house for sale.

The real estate agent would be much more effective if she asked herself, “why am I better and different than my competition,” or “why should someone choose me instead of another agent or even doing it himself?”

For example, an agent who likes selling homes along the river could say, “If a river is behind you, I will get people in front of you.”  How will I do that? “Well, I do nothing but sell homes along the river in xx area.  Period. That focus gives me an insight that few other agents can offer.”

Now, you have my attention.  I don’t want a generalist.  I want a specialist.  “River Only Real Estate Agent.”  That’s a potential bumper sticker. (There is a copyrighted term that would use less words than Real Estate Agent. That would make it three words.”

So, spend some time thinking about how to make your business stand out, especially when there are dozens to hundreds of competitors in your area.  It is worth the time to do some thinking about this.  If you don’t, you                                                                              .  (will not stand out from the crowd.  I wrote the sentence that way to show you how it looks when your business doesn’t stand out from the competition.

by Brad A. Swezey