What Keeps Your Clients or Customers Up at Night?

When is the last time you thought about your perfect customer or client and what keeps her up at night?   Probably not as often as you should because very often you are thinking about your own worries, concerns, and wants, especially at night.

Not only will your own worries and concerns cause you to be less able to actually working on solving them tomorrow because you will be too tired, you will waste valuable energy that could be spent trying to help your perfect clients sleep and feel better.

People are generally driven by a problem they need to solve or a want they want to satisfy.  And very often there is a war between the two of those desires.

For example, I want to enhance my marketing skills by attending a retreat with a top marketing expert.  The problem is I have to do my corporate income taxes, which is not only going to take me a lot of time, but is something I hate doing and takes me away from what I like to do, which is to help small businesses get more handshakes, i.e., revenue.  Doing my corporate income taxes stresses me out because I don’t want to get fined for doing something wrong. (I can feel my blood pressure rising as I think about the impending tax deadline.)  Plus, with no idea of how much I owe, I am hesitant to spend money on the marketing retreat.

So, what do I do? Assuming I don’t have an accountant already, I go onto Google and type “need help with my corporate taxes.”  And as the screen shot below shows, it seems that very few of these accountant types of businesses have a “heart” and care about my worries or concerns.  Also, I can’t see more than one local accountant or CPA, which shows me (putting my marketing hat back on) that there is an opportunity for a future client of mine.  So, I am just going to click on a bunch of links to see if I can be helped.

AD or accountant

Imagine, though, it there was a link or ad that actually spoke to me!  How about something like this?

Stressed About Income Tax?

Get Help with Corporate Return.

No Hassles. Local Pro. Start Today.


Now this CPA gets me.  I need to check him out ASAP.

With my fears now taken care of, I can find a way to focus on what I want, which is to be a better marketer.

Now it is your turn.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes right now.  What are they worried about or what problem or need do they have?  How can you take care of it better than any other option out there, to include nothing?