Turn Your Business Cards Into Hardworking Little Salesmen! To Market and Sell Your Crafts or Services for Greater Profits

Turn Your Business Cards Into Hardworking Little Salesmen!

A lot of us small business owners do not have a blank check when it comes to small business marketing and small business advertising, so we need to think creatively.

Advertisements that tie up your marketing dollars, and may not be in print for a few months or more can deplete your marketing budget with one advertising campaign, and not return many new leads or consumers. If an expensive advertising campaign doesn’t deliver, you do not get your money back.

Here are some ways you can use your business cards, which aren’t too expensive and can be changed relatively quickly and easily, to market your business:


1. Hand them out! Constantly have some on hand, when you head out, and hand them out! This sounds apparent and it is; however, often times business cards are left in your home. They cannot be promoting your biz, left in your home or in the vehicle.

2. Utilize your biz cards as note cards … If somebody requires your home address, and your biz is a home biz, hand them your biz card. Or write your house address on the back of your biz card.

3. Do a Business Card Exchange! Do a local mailing to businesses that are complimentary to your company. For instance if you make candles, send out a letter introducing your biz, to local beauty stores, with 5 or 6 biz cards consisted of and offer a biz card exchange. You will give out biz cards for them if they give out yours.

4. Make Your Cards Do Double Responsibility As Price Tags … Make your biz card into a hanger that you attach to your handmade items or other items, with
the rate on the back of the card. Utilize a hole punch to punch a hole in the corner of your biz card, and run a piece of string or little satin ribbon through the hole, and attach to your product.

5.Double-sided Biz Cards … These business cards may cost a bit more, however you can make them work even harder for you. Instead of having blank dead space on the back of your cards, you can have that location working for you too. On the back of the biz card you might provide an unique discount for a very first purchase. This will motivate people to hang onto your biz card.

6. Mini Billboards … if you have a web site and e-mail constantly make your biz cards miniature signboards for your online marketing too. Always include your
site and e-mail address, on your biz cards. This can be a fantastic way to use double sided biz cards also. On the back of the card could be a “short attention getting ad” for your site.

What?! You do not have an internet site and make use of e-mail advertising for your small business? If not, you are losing out on a terrific opportunity!
The web is where it’s at for little biz now! Find out how the Internet can help your business! Check out some of the free information we have available on our site.

As you can see, your business cards can be determined industrious salesmen for your services and products. I hope the recommendations provided above, have actually stimulated more concepts, on how you could utilize your biz cards to promote your products and services.