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Stop Using Whack-A-Mole as Your Marketing Plan!

Let us Help You Develop a Plan to Get the Right People to Seek Out Your Business So You Can Make More $$$ and Stop Wasting $$$ on Worthless Advertising and Unprofitable Customers.

     Let's face it, having a small business isn't easy, especially now.  Not only do you have to worry about local competition, but international competition through the Internet and social media sites like Facebook.

     While I know this isn't news to you,  when was the last time you asked yourself, "What am I doing today to make sure my business is around tomorrow?"

     Chances are, you aren't doing everything you need to do because you didn't decide to become a business owner because you liked marketing, sales, or public relations.  You got into it because you loved doing what your business does.

     Then you discovered that unless people know about what you do, you can't help anyone!  So, like most small business owners, you jump haphazardly into the process I like to call "Blindfold Whack-a-Mole Advertising."

     Chances are you have played whack-a-mole and know what a challenge it is to actually hit the moles that pop up. Now, imagine playing the game with a blindfold.  Sure you may get lucky every now and again, but most of your effort is wasted because you can't see the game and can't even map out a plan to whack the moles.

     Without having a plan or someone who knows how to make a plan, the small business owner often says, when approached by a sales representative, “Well, it’s better than nothing. At least I am doing something.”  When you hear yourself start to say that, think of Blindfold Whack-a-Mole.  Doesn’t improving your odds of whacking that mole with a game plan in place make more sense?  Remember, in this game, each time you swing it costs you money.  So how are you going to swing?

     Most businesses run out money by swinging wildly and that's why:

50-70% Of All Businesses Fail within 18 Months of Opening Their Doors!

     If you don't have a plan of attack for getting new customers/clients that will earn you a profit while keeping the ones you have, you are risking everything you have worked for and playing odds that you would never take in a casino.

     That's where we come into the picture.  Think of us as people who know marketing, advertising, and public relations as well as you know your business.  We can help you.

We Work WITH YOU to create a Marketing Plan

to Get & Keep Profitable Customers over and over!

So, you can

Avoid the Fate of Those Other Businesses, Failure!

204 Businesses Have Declared Bankruptcy in the Past 2 Weeks Alone (ss of Jan 3, 2014)

Brad's methodical approach to marketing helped me to grow my practice from zero clients when I moved, to one of the more successful practices in the area! A.M.

Here's what we do for you!

We help you target the right clients or customers, help them learn that you exist, see why you are different, so they do business with you and refer others to you.

  • Step 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client

    Too many businesses are trying to sell to too many kinds of clients/customers, causing precious advertising money to be wasted.

  • Step 2: Overcoming Blandness

    If you can’t describe how you are different than your competition, especially if you are a new business, why should people use you?

  • Step 3: Offering Continuing & New Value

    We all know how much it takes to get new business or clients, right?  So, why not focus on giving the clients we get better value through unique services so they don’t have to go anywhere else?

  • Step 4: Getting the Right People to Notice Your Business

    No matter what, you need the right people to find out about your business and give it a try.  Don’t market Filet Mignon to someone who can only afford fast food.

  • Step 5: System for Continuing Contact with Those Who Noticed Your Business

    Despite our desires for people to act right away, many people don’t.  So you need to be able to engage with them tactfully and consistently so they see why your business or practice is worth it.

  • Step 6: Wowing Them!

    You put all that work in getting them to your business or practice.  Now you have to make sure they are “wowed” when they engage with your business or practice!

  • Step 7: Bean Counting

    This makes most small business owners cringe but unless you know all the dollar amounts of everything related to sales and marketing, including how much a new customer/client is worth, you aren’t going to be able to systematically avoid wasting money so you invest your precious marketing and advertising dollars the right way.

  • Step 8: Making Sure You Reach Your Goal

    Now that you know what you are uniquely offering and how you are going to do it, you want to make sure you are on track toward meeting your goals and objectives.   This includes a continuous reminder of why you are in business as well as establishing the goals and measuring them along the way.

“This is really interesting, Brad, a marketing success right out of the gate, unheard of, nice.”

Tom. G
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