Pay Per Click Advertising

A Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

We are dedicated to providing small business owners and small non-profit agencies methodical and measured marketing, advertising, and public relations.

These days, you can’t just rely on traditional print, mail, television and other advertising to get more clients or customers.  You have to use the limited resources you have most effectively.

While print, mailings, and coupon books sent through the mail can be used to get businesses, you have to evaluate whether they are the most effective given such facts as this:

85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses

One of the best ways for a small business, with a small budget, to get customers is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, whether it is through Google Adwords, Bing, our Social Media like Facebook.

The reason they do that is because it is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to reach customers without going through the more lengthy Search Engine Optimization Process.  Also, they get to see what keywords and ads are working and then can apply those results in other advertising methods they use.

With PPC advertising you know exactly what customers where looking for, know which ads are working, and don’t pay a penny until someone clicks on your ad.

For those of you who don’t know what PPC is, below is a screen shot of one of our clients who not only uses our Google Adwords service, but also uses our Search Engine Optimization Services. You can see she has a paid ad at the top and also can be seen throughout the first page.



Now, getting a Google Adwords account setup and actually maximizing your Click Through Rates are not the same thing.

If it was that easy, we wouldn’t be able to do something like this when we take on a client who already has a Google Adwords Account:

  • Decrease Her Advertising Costs by 27%
  • Increase Her Click Through Rate by 242%

Adwords Results for Aug

"They make it very easy on me with this program. I can monitor or make my own ads whenever I feel like, but I usually don’t have the time or need to do it. All I know is my phone rings and I get e-mails from prospective clients without having to worry about it."

Angie M.

Google Adwords is much more than writing a few ads and putting in a few keywords.  And if you think that is all it is, you are probably throwing away hundreds to thousands of dollars, because Google ranks all ads with keywords and comes up with a Quality Score.  The higher the score the less you will pay for the click!

So, your goal is to Maximize Your Quality Score.   That saves you money and allows you to get more business because you aren’t wasting your advertising by paying more than you should!  You can pay as much as almost 100% more per click from a low score of 1 to  a 10!

It’s like getting a plane ticket for the same flight but paying less than everyone!

We specialize in PPC for small businesses, bringing them expertise without the high overhead cost that some of the larger organizations have to pass on to customers.

We work one-on-one with you to develop a targeted campaign that aligns with your goals.  We can synchronize PPC with other advertising and marketing programs you conduct, or want to conduct, to ensure maximum synergy in your efforts.

We will deliver value to you and if we don’t, you can cancel at any time.  No questions asked.   And we work on your timeline.  And most importantly:

We Only Take One Client Per Industry Per 30-miles


That means, once we have a bookkeeper, for example, we don’t take another one on within 30 miles of that person’s office.  And our mission becomes: Maximize the business our client gets!

And we are disciplined in making that happen, employing tools and research that usually are available to only the largest firms.

Here's an example of a client of ours. We did this in less than one month!

We wanted to use a recent case to show you we continually attract new business and help those businesses expand their customer base.

2012 to 2013 comparison


Wouldn't you like more visitors who spent more time on your website?

  • 12% more people visited the site in one week!
  • They visited more pages!
  • They spent more time on the site!
  • 8% fewer people only went to one page and left site!


Here's a client of ours who took a little bit of time of becoming a client.  In fact, from the time she first contacted us to the time she actually had ads running was two months.  When she saw the results, she wished she had done it sooner:

“You are doing something right, because I am getting calls!”

Laura B.

How It Works!

SETUP PHASE (Initial & First 30 Days)

  • Discuss with you your ideal customer who is ready to use your services right now once they see your offer (You want people who are not kicking tires, but ready NOW to use your services)
  • Develop the right keywords that target the right client
  • Check out what keywords your competitors are using
  • Check out competitors ads
  • Create ads for the various keywords and multiple variations that get high quality score on google (Better placement at lower cost for you!)
  • Create the right ad groups
  • Target your ads to the right demographic area you are serving
  • Target the right times
  • If you already are using Google Adwords, we will compare our ads and results to yours and use which is best (Chances are your ads are going to be paused, though!)
  • For those not doing the montly plan, we will test, refine and monitor for the first month and then you are on your own.  We don't recommend it because a successful Google Adwords campaign is like gardening, you have to take care of it all the time and if you don't know what you are doing, you will kill your "vegetables"
  • SEO CLIENTS: Click here for what you get in addition to the Google Adwords


  • Continue to monitor, refine and develop effective ads to maximize the number of quality clicks for the mimimum expense
  • A/B ad testing to see which  ads pull better
  • Refinement of keywords
  • Landing page suggestions on your own site to make sure it is most effective
  • Suggestions for what is working to use in other traditional advertising

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