Daily Deals Can Make Sense For Many Businesses...

If You Know How To Use Them Properly

There are many businesses out there looking for ways to reach new customers and clients, or to re-activate old customers. 

One effective way to do this is through the use of daily deal sites like GroupOn and Living Social and countless other ones.   


  • You Don't Have to Go Searching For People to Present Your Offer
  • You Don't Have to Pay Upfront to Market to Them With No Guarantee Anyone Will Take Your Offer
  • You Can Acquire New Customers or Clients
  • And many more...


  • If You Don't Structure Right, You Can Lose Money
  • You May Displace Regular, More Profitable Customers
  • If Done Regularly, People Will Wait for Discounts

Do It Right

Rather than wasting money by just contacting a sales representative for the organization, we can help you structure a deal that will maximize your chances of success in gaining long-term, regular, and profitable customers.   We will help you in many ways:

  • Figure Out the Best Offer to Make (Product, Service & Price)
  • Capture the Names and E-Mail Addresses of People Purchasing the Offer (Groupon & Living Social Don't Provide)
  • When & When Not to Include Current Customers/Clients
  • How to Keep Your Employees Happy with the Increased Volume
  • Be the Go-Between with the Daily Deal Sites to Ensure Your Interests are Maximized

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