“How Can We Become the Company That Would Put Us Out of Business?”

by Brad S.

This question was posed by Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, is an important one that many businesses should be asking, but they aren’t.

Instead, most business owners are focused on the tyranny of the now: the jobs, work, and crises before them.  “How can I focus on tomorrow when I can’t even get through today?” they say.

And while you, the business owner, is doing that, someone else is thinking of a way of meeting and exceeding your customer’s expectations.  And with nothing to lose because they don’t have any vested interest in how things are done right now, the “This is the way we always do it” mentality, before you know it, they are entering your territory and taking away your customers.

I am the president of a marketing and public relations company that is focused on small businesses.  What makes me unique is that I systematically look at a business, the competitors, and the environment (both local, national, and international) and figure out what I would do to drive my clients out of business from a marketing perspective.  “What did you just say?” You heard me right.  (I look for weaknesses in my clients.  I also look at the strengths, of course.)

Some of the weaknesses are known and others are blind spots.  I identify them because their competitors probably know what they are already. And they are selling their strengths against my clients’ weaknesses.

What my clients need to do to succeed is to target their strengths to the market segment that appreciates those strengths and avoid market segments that will not appreciate their strengths and where the competitors will expose my clients’ weaknesses and exploit their strengths.

Let’s take an example from my life.  I hate waiting around for service providers and can think of nothing worse than having to wait for the arrival of the expert between some time, like 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.  It drives me nuts because I can’t leave my prison cell, I mean my condo, during that time! I would actually pay $25 or $50 to have a GUARANTEED exact time.  So, I am not looking for the cheapest price.  I just want the person to show up at a time on which we agree!

As a service provider, you could make that your Unique Selling Proposition.  You will be there on-time or you will give $100 to the client, no questions asked.  Because you know it will cost you dearly, you make it a point to get there on-time!

How many of you are willing to do that? To stop competing on price and instead focusing on differentiating yourself and marketing that difference to the right target market?

I suspect that the pricing demon will get the best of many small businesses.   I will do my best to ensure my clients don’t get tempted.  For if they do, they may be out of business before they know it.

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