When Is The Last Time You Hiked Up A Mountain?

by Brad Swezey

I am in Colorado this week, which offers quite a different visual experience than the ocean view to which I am accustomed.   When I come here, I like to head into the mountains and get a different perspective on life.  (The featured picture is from where I wrote this blog.  I took this picture).

While being in the mountains can help you get a perspective on life, spending time outside of your business and “climbing a mountain” can offer you the opportunity to see your business through the eyes of someone who doesn’t have the good and bad of working in the business day-to-day.  You also get to see what your competitors are doing because you are up high and can see everything.

You can start pretending you are someone who is interested in buying your business and wants to find the strengths and faults of it so she can offer the right price, and not a penny more, for it.  You will compare this information with the top competitors in your industry and also evaluate the industry as a whole, e.g., determining whether it is a growing or declining industry.

You can start by looking, and this is my bias, at your marketing efforts and your potential customers.  Some questions to ask: How good of a job are you doing at reaching customers?  And, how expensive are your methods compared to other means to reach them?  How do you know they are working?

A big question to ask, in my opinion, is “If we weren’t already doing X, would we start doing X today?”  If the answer is no, then you should stop doing it.  Immediately.   Just doing something today because it was done yesterday is not a good enough reason.  Many companies go by the wayside because they fail to adapt to changing conditions.   Remember a company called Kodak?  That is just one example out of many.

Given that there is little oxygen up here, I am going to end this note.  I apologize if there are any errors in it.  If so, I can change it.  That’s the beauty of online.