Going At It Alone May Be Costing You Money

BU006004By Brad Swezey

If you are like most small business owners I meet with, you are probably trying to do as much as you can on your own because you don’t want to “waste” money by spending it for things that you are “capable” of doing yourself.

Not only is this causing you to waste money by trying to do things you aren’t great at doing, but it also ensures that you have less people acting as your partners in the community.

What do I mean?  Well, if you own a retail store, for example, you might think that you can just get a copy of Quickbooks and do all of your business accounting and bookkeeping; and after spending more time than you think you will need, you learn how to do the basics of the software.  But, what has it cost you?

Well, you didn’t go to a function and network with other people because you were focused on your accounting. Also, you don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper who has you as a client, so he or she isn’t talking about your retail store to her other clients, some of who would be perfect customers for your store.   And those people won’t talk to other people.  You get the picture.

That’s why you might consider partnering with the right kind of people to help you grow your business, and as the article below shows,  you can even partner with a hive of other businesses to actually go after other business that will benefit everyone in the hive.

We are building joint venture partnerships with businesses around the area, and are intrigued by the hive concept below.

If you would like to see if a partnership opportunity would work or are interested in joining our hive, which we haven’t started yet, send me an e-mail at brad@justsmallbiz.com.