Generating Buzz: The Benefits Of Public Relations Marketing

The key to the success of any business depends on having a plan for effective public relations and marketing in place. The advantages of public relations can be clearly recognized by increased revenues.  Successful public relations advertising can create goodwill relationships with consumers, market sales and specials to bring in new business, and put smaller companies on the map without spending a lot of money.

Who Uses Public Relations?

Numerous big corporations have specific departments devoted solely to public relations, (my last position with a big organization was as head of PR), but most smaller sized companies do not have the resources available to have their own full-time staff. Therefore, it is useful for such business to hire an external public relations marketing company. The cost of contracting a public relations service can be quickly recouped by the make money from the new customers that the P.R. company will draw to a company. Carrying out a public relations marketing strategy is a quick way to obtain the word out on brand-new products, services or companies in the marketplace. Hiring an independent public relations company can turn a small business into a major business in a short duration of time.

Typical Public Relations Services

There are numerous varied services offered by public relations marketing firms that all serve to drive profits to a company. Some typical public relations services can include:

* Mass mail marketing
* Publicizing statements to local, national or international media contacts
* Trend or item based short articles positioned in media outlets
* Press occasions and the development of press kits
* Web based marketing strategies and application
* Advertising event planning
* Market research and analysis
* Development of item incentives
* Public relations basic techniques

As a veteran of the public relations and marketing industry, I am well versed in using all of the tools available to achieve our clients goals.

by Brad S.