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What Keeps Your Clients or Customers Up at Night?

When is the last time you thought about your perfect customer or client and what keeps her up at night?   Probably not as often as you should because very often you are thinking about your own worries, concerns, and wants, especially at night. Not only will your own worries and concerns cause you to…

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Why Are You In Business?

by Brad S. I have been reading Simon Sinek’s Start with Why the past week or so and I think it is a book that many of us who have our own businesses or private practices should read.  The reason for this is that it asks each of us to think about not what we…

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Should You Be Worried About People Like This?

by Brad S If you have done any kind of internet search for marriage counseling or relationship counseling, then you have probably seen an ad for Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program, which just received a reward from the American Marriage Advocacy Association.  While I am not sure what the AMAA is, since it was hard…

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