Be a Dog

Many of us, including myself, don’t think about our ideal customer enough.  You know who I am talking about, the one who is an exact fit for your business; one who listens to your ideas and, most of the time implements them;  or maybe she buys a product you sell over and over.  Regardless, whether it is a product or service, he tells everyone how good your business is.

This is your perfect customer.  And you need to think about what gives your perfect customer joy, something that puts a smile on his face from ear-to-ear.  And then you need to make sure you are developing products or services that will continue to make her smile from ear-to-ear.

Why? Because if you can do that, you won’t have to spend energy, time, and money finding new clients or customers because you will be too busy taking care of your current smiling perfect customers or clients.

How do you do that?  Well, you can communicate with them regularly, for one.  And that can be when they interact with your business or it can be through a newsletter or social media.  It doesn’t matter how.  It matters, though, that you do it.

What do you do? You either ask them what problems they are facing or observe what they are buying more or less of, especially compared to your average customer or client.  This is important because your perfect customer is one who uses your business often and refers you to others.  As VIPs, they need to be catered to because without them, your business is going to another one of those that struggles with the pack to get customers or clients.

So, spend some time observing what brings your perfect customer joy.  It is time well-spent.

Dogs know how important this is.  Think of how they react when you walk in the door and how you feel when your dog greets you.  So, to put it simply, “Be a Dog!”